Base Layer

Base Layer Episode 124 - Reuben Yap (Zcoin)

April 3, 2020

Reuben joins me on Base Layer and we discuss privacy in the time of corona: how is contact tracking, surveillance of those under quarantine, and even the proposed digital dollar impacting privacy? Is the trade-off of individual privacy worthwhile for greater good? How COVID-19 is affecting crypto - While the Feds are "printing money" and considering a “digital dollar” stimulus package, what's happening in crypto? How his life changed due to COVID-19. Reuben's wife is a doctor working at the state hospital, closed down his Airbnb due to a ban on tourists, and closed his Aikido dojo. Has been self-quarantined for some time now. Additionally we discuss what's new with Zcoin: latest developments such as their new wallet, Lelantus protocol, and Elysium tokenization platform.

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